Vietnam cuisine essay

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History of Vietnam

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Vietnamese cuisine

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The city of Hue, capital of the Nguyen dynasty, features the Citadel and other imperial structures, such as the mausolea of former emperors. Dotdash's brands help over million users each month find answers, solve problems, and get inspired.

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Vietnam War Essay

The only way I’ll give this place a second chance is if I meet a girl who really wants to travel Vietnam or if some business trip takes me there. Vietnam’s official language is Vietnamese, and their largest ethnic group in Vietnam is the Kinh people, which takes about 86% of the nation’s population.

In addition, Vietnam had and still has a Communist government and a socialist economic model. As we have already noted, Vietnamese cuisine is unique for its cultural and historical influences.

Vietnam is a long, narrow country on the lower portion of the Asian mainland, bordered by China, Cambodia, Laos and the Gulf of Thailand.

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