Marital rape a worrying trend essay

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Marital Rape Essay

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This document provides an overview of the research on marital rape including a brief legal history of marital rape; discussion of its occurrence; summary of the effects; and an analysis of practitionersí intervention with marital rape Marital Rape: New Research and Directions.

NRCDV Publications. General Material. Published Date. February. This essay has been submitted by a law student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Marital Rape: Should it be made an Alternate Ground for Divorce?

Marital Rape Essay Marital rape is a serious form of intimate partner violence that is experienced by approximately 10% to 14% of married women.

Rape Culture Oriented Feminism Sociology Essay

Rape by one’s intimate partner may be one of the most common forms of sexual violence. For example, in South Africa, only the rape of white women was prosecuted under an apartheid system, while sexual violence against black women was accepted as a part of life.

Childhood marriages in certain parts of rural India involve marriage and sexual relationship with a girl who is not yet an adult. Part of the current feminism strive is to improve awareness of what's known as rape culture.

Rape culture is a socially constructed principle that depicts a culture where sexual violence and rape are belittled, tolerated, and even justified in modern culture.

Under sexual assault comes; molestation, eve-teasing, child sex abuse, rape, marital rape, domestic Relativism and Morality. Good Essay Topics on Rape. Make a list of the most worrying aspects to voice. Concentrate on the message you want your readers to get and keep in mind.

Marital rape a worrying trend essay
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