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African-American history

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African Masks Essay

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African-American history is the part of American history that looks at the African-Americans or Black Americans in the United States. Although previously marginalized, African-American history has gained ground in school and university curricula and gained wider scholarly attention since the late 20th black history that pre.

Traditional African masks are one of the elements of great African art that have most evidently influenced Europe and Western art in general; in the 20th century, artistic movements such as cubism, fauvism and expressionism have often taken inspiration from vast and diverse heritage of African masks. provides links and source material related to The Souls of Black Folk written by the African American activist, writer, and scholar: William Edward Burghardt DuBois. The research is conducted and arranged by Dr. Robert redoakpta.comms. African masquerades are a highly complex and diverse range of cultural practices, few of which correspond closely to ideas associated with mask wearing in the West (African masks history and meaning, S.

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Essays on african masks
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